A mad old man, who had lived in hedonism, and solitude alike, once laughed at two men, huffing and puffing, ready to engage in a duel:

Those men, who would rather kill than fuck.
Those men, who would rather die, than get fucked.

They are so happy, being violent with their swords
They fear not death, nor maladies.
So long as they don’t get stabbed by a cock.

Then god forbid, their honour is gone, and their pride is broken.

Because of sex.

Instead of getting gutted, eviscerated, ended,
They should get laid.
Fuck each other raw
And look into each others eyes.

And that, to them, is a fate, worse than death.

I think living is better than being carried away on a shield
Cum washes away easier than blood.

I’d rather get stabbed with a cock,
I’d rather stab with a cock.
I’d rather choose to take a man, than take him out.
I’d rather be taken.

I’d rather we’d
Fuck like men, and live

And then walk away, with orgasmic afterglows inside of us.
Instead of pine boxes, and musty soil surrounding us.

Leave the battlefield for epic poems, and make our fights in beds
Of Love
Of Lust
Of Pleasure
Of Life

Of our own making.

Maybe then,
Men would stop ruling the world, and human beings would take over.

Maybe I’m mad.

But I’m alive, and happy.



Bonobo chimps, are almost entirely bisexual.
They prefer to resolve conflict amongst their tribes through sexual intercourse, and avoid fighting